Pratt Industrial® specializes in the design, engineering, and worldwide distribution of technologically advanced, industrial-use valves and actuators. Pratt Industrial offers solutions that optimize manufacturing processes by engineering high-performance valves for all industrial applications. Centrally located... Continue Reading About PRATT INDUSTRIAL

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Andronaco Industries is a world leading manufacturer of high performance Fluoropolymer and corrosion resistant products and technologies.  Andronaco Industries is a group of manufacturing companies specializing in engineered specialty products for the energy, wastewater, steel,... Continue Reading About ANDRONACO INDUSTRIES



Flowserve is the recognized world leader in supplying pumps, valves, seals, automation, and services. These products are primarily used in the power, oil, gas, chemical, and other industries.  JMC distributes two divisions of Flowserve; which... Continue Reading About Flowserve

Quest-Tec Solutions

JMC Instruments, Inc, is Quest-Tec’s distributor for Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Quest-Tec specialize in the development, engineering and manufacturing of liquid level gauges, steam gauges, capacitance columns and switches, magnetic gauges, armored tubular and... Continue Reading About Quest-Tec Solutions



Intertec is a manufacturer of glass reinforced polyester enclosures and was established in 1965 by Dr. Joachim Hess.  Dr. Hess felt there was a demand for solid enclosures due to neglect and failures in instrument... Continue Reading About Intertec

McDaniel Controls

McDaniel Controls

McDaniel Controls was established in 1972 when the first liquid fillable gauge hit the American market.  McDaniels developed the first all stainless, liquid fillable, field repairable line of pressure gauges.  Purposeful construction is the companies... Continue Reading About McDaniel Controls



McCANNA ball valves are another division of Flowserve and have been serving the industry for 130 years. They specialize in severe service valves and have won numerous awards for their valve designs. They feature the... Continue Reading About McCanna



Dwyer Instruments was founded in 1931 and is recognized for the dependability, large stock and quality, of their affordable products.  As a leading manufacturer in the controls and instrumentation industry, Dwyer continues to grow and... Continue Reading About Dwyer

Orange Research

Orange Research is the global leader in manufacturing differential pressure gauges, transmitters, switches, flow switches, and flow meters. Industries consisting of refineries, chemicals, and power plants use these products in applications to monitor heat exchange,... Continue Reading About Orange Research



For over a quarter century Kobold has been a leader in process measurement and control solutions.  Kobold provides a wide range of transmitters, sensors, and switches and has superior engineers to help provide you with... Continue Reading About Kobold


PureFlex valve’s are the leading manufacturer of high performance Fluoropolymer and Composite products. They fabricate sealing products and fluid handling for pharmaceutical, chemical, and ultra-pure related industries. The founder Ron Andronaco transformed this company from... Continue Reading About PureFlex

TechLine Manufacturing

TechLine Manufacturing is a primary manufacturer of wire and tubing clamps, condensate chambers, raceways, tubing supports, instruments stands, air heaters, and many other special made items required by customers.  TechLine’s most famous and innovative product... Continue Reading About TechLine Manufacturing



PBV fabricates various valves for the most severe industrial applications and environments. Their high tech manufacturing, testing, and large inventory combined guarantees strict conformance, short lead times, and dependable operational performance. PBV valves are made... Continue Reading About PBV

Precision Digital

Precision Digital Corporation has served the process market for over 35 years and have used this experience and knowledge to continuously design and produce exceptional products.  They manufacturer an extensive line of digital display and... Continue Reading About Precision Digital



MicroMod has made their name replacing Bailey, Fisher, and Porter controllers as well as specializes in pre-engineered pre-configured controller packages.  They have an extensive level of expertise in processes, applications, and equipment to help provide... Continue Reading About MicroMod

Perma Cal

Perma Cal, whose name derives from “permanently calibrated”, is a Nevada-based manufacturer of pressure gauges and pressure regulators for a wide variety of industries. It also produces special application OEM, aerospace and defense associated products... Continue Reading About Perma Cal