Dekoron / Unitherm- Insulated Tubing and Pipe


With over 50 years of production, Dekoron has set the industry standards for insulated tubing. Dekoron manufactures materials for many industries such as chemical, food, light rail, mining and metal, offshore, oil explorations, power, and waste water treatment. Due to the high demand for these products, the manufacturer can provide timely deliveries because of their large quantity of stock.  Their products are pre-fabricated to install in existing connections to they do not require fittings which cuts costs on additional products and installation. Also, without the need of fittings their tubing will not leak and is maintenance free.

Featured Products:

  • Pre-Insulated Tubing
  • Electric Traced Tubing
  • Steamed Traced Tubing
  • Hot Melt Hose
  • Heated Sample Line
  • Pre-Insulated Pipe