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Andronaco Industries is a world leading manufacturer of high performance Fluoropolymer and corrosion resistant products and technologies.  Andronaco Industries is a group of manufacturing companies specializing in engineered specialty products for the energy, wastewater, steel, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  Since 1994 Andronaco has gained a reputation for products that are ground breaking and innovative.  These advanced manufacturing process technologies include PTFE Isostatic Molding, PTFE Paste Extrusion, PTFE/FEP/PVDF Melt Extrusion, PTFE Ram Extrusion, PTFE Compression Molding, PFA/FEP Instrusion Molding, PFA/FEP Injection Molding, PTFE Blow Molding, Composite Filament Winding, Composite Contact Molding, and Composite Injection Molding

Pureflex Logo

Pure Flex is a global manufacturer of high quality Fluoropolymer and Composite products.  Pureflex specializes in fluid handling and sealing products specifically designed for chemical, pharmaceutical, and ultra-pure industries.


Ethylene LogoSince 1950 Ethylene and its Dupont Lineage has become a world leader of PTFE expansion joints, PTFE Dip Pipes, Sight Flow Indicators, and custom Fluoropolymer products.  Ethylene products are considered the industry standard for corrosive                                                         applications and are used by major chemical manufacturers


Hills McCanna LogoHills McCanna is the pioneer and world standard for diaphragm valves.  For over 80 years Hills McCanna has proven reliable for difficult applications.  The valves are designed to handle very corrosive chemicals, toxic gases and liquids.



Nil-Cor is the world leader in design and production of industrial valves manufactured from fiberglass and graphite reinforced resins.  FRP piping systems are extremely difficult to make all FRP.  With Nil-Cor’s full                                                                  range of Ball, Butterfly, and Check Valves, Andronaco                                                                    makes an All FRP system a reality


RamParts LogoRamParts air driven diaphragm pumps stand up to rugged environments including sludge’s and slurry’s.  They overcome the high wear problems commonly found in double diaphragm and progressive cavity pumps.  Air driven pumps are capable of                                                         operating dry on suction lifts up to 20 ft and handling liquids                                                       with up to 70% solids.



Conley Composites LogoConley produces FRP/GRP/GRE systems in a wide range of resins to handle fluids in chemical and pharmaceutical processing, power generation, marine piping, oil refining, thermal oxidizer units, desalination, sewer and condensate return lines.  Conley Composites corrosion resistant fiberglass piping products have been the world                                                               leader in the fluid processing industry for over 50 years



Endurance LogoEndurance Composites brand of pipe and tank products has serviced the chemical industry for over 60 years.  Endurance provides FRP/GRP pipe and tank products that are cost competitive and able to withstand applications in the most severe                                               environments.