Eustis- An RTD and Thermocouple Manufacturer


Eustis Company/Pyrocom is a privately-owned thermocouple manufacturer with their main office located north of Seattle in Lynnwood, Washington, and a sales office located in Portland, Oregon.  Eustis Co. has provided temperature solutions for manufacturers and industry in the Northwest and beyond since 1962. As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company we have improved our processes, efficiency and quality of products and services for our customers.

As a custom Resistance Temperature Devices (RTD’s) and thermocouple manufacturer, we offer a range of products for your new or existing applications as well as for RTD and thermocouple replacements. Our accredited temperature calibration lab is also available to meet your RTD and thermocouple calibration needs.

Featured Products:

eustisThermocouples- The most widely used method of temperature measurement is the thermocouple.  Thermocouples are very rugged and in most cases inexpensive to replace.  Eustis manufactures assemblies in a variety of Thermocouple Types that are available to meet nearly all industrial and scientific temperature ranges. Thermocouples are available with flexible or “soft wire” insulations for applications that need the flexibility and where it is most practical such as surveys or applications that are conducive to this construction.  Tube and wire sheathed thermocouples are designed for mechanical strength or hold at the point of insertion into machine processes such as plastic injection molds and food applications among others.

  • Mineral Insulated
  • Industrial


eustisResistance Temperature Devices (RTD’s)-Like thermocouples, RTD sensors are also widely used to sense temperature specifically where linearity, accuracy and repeatability are important factors. Resistance temperature detectors are powered devices that sense changes in resistance and as a result display temperature in °F or °C. There are two commonly used industrial grade RTDs established by DIN- IEC-751 (International Electric Code) Class B + .30°C and Class A + .15°C @ 0°C.  Elements in this section are 100Ω .00385 curve.

  • Tube and Wire
  • Metal Transition
  • Connection Head
  • Flexible Armor
  • High Temperature
  • Adjustable Length
  • Industrial Remote
  • Room Air Sensors
  • Plug Termination
  • Molded Transition