Orange Research

Orange Research is the global leader in manufacturing differential pressure gauges, transmitters, switches, flow switches, and flow meters. Industries consisting of refineries, chemicals, and power plants use these products in applications to monitor heat exchange, filtration equipment, and air compressors. Orange Research products can be used anywhere there is the storage or flow of gas or liquids.

The differential pressure gauges designed by Orange Research are used to measure the difference between two pressures in a system and display the results on a single gauge dial. These gauges come either with piston sensors or diaphragm sensors. The piston sensor models are for liquid applications only and come with a Teflon cup seal to ensure that the bypass levels stay low. The diaphragm sensor models have separate ports for high and low pressure. This makes them more suitable for air, gases, or liquids. The key factor to both differential pressure gauge models is the patented magnetic movement which allows both pressures to register at the same time while separating the gauge function from the pressure enclosure without using mechanical seals.

Orange Research is also well known for their flow instrumentation such as flowmeters, switches, and transmitters which they take pride in their durability and accuracy. These flow devices are user friendly and have the most modern technology. They also contain a patented magnetic movement that tolerates operation at any positioning and can detect flow senses at high line pressures.

Featured Products:

Featured Products:

  • Differential Pressure Gauges
    • Piston DP Gauges
    • Diaphragm DP Gauges
    • Miniature DP gauges
    • Flowmeters
      • Fixed Orifice
      • Variable area
    • Switches
    • Transmitters