Dwyer Instruments was founded in 1931 and is recognized for the dependability, large stock and quality, of their affordable products.  As a leading manufacturer in the controls and instrumentation industry, Dwyer continues to grow and serve major markets including chemical, food, oil and gas, HVAC, pollution control and many more.  Dwyer’s managed and sustained approach helped the company develop other markets with the acquisition of these companies:

  • Mercoid Controls
  • Love Controls
  • W.E Anderson
  • Proximity Controls

Dwyer’s ability and eagerness to work with their customers exemplifies why they are a leading manufacturer.  They also strive to cooperate with each and every customer to help customize solutions.   Through experience, knowledge, and demand Dwyer has successfully brought these name brands to market:

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Featured Products:

  • Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauges
  • Photohelic  Gauges
  • Photohelic Pressure Switch
  • Rate Master Flow Meters
  • Hi-Flow Valves
  • Low pressure switch