JMC Instruments and GE Sensing are Awarded Xcel Energy Bid

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Xcel Energy recently purchased 11 units of GE Sensing’s Aurora H2O for their operations in Colorado. Xcel Energy is a utility holding company. They are based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, with operations in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin.

The purchase order for 11 units came after an extensive test comparison. The analyzers were compared between the TDLAS analyzers from GE Sensing, Spectra Sensors, and Ametek. Xcel Energy rented GE Sensing’s Aurora for 3 months. When testing was completed, they kept the rented Aurora and placed a PO for price of a new Aurora with the rental charges taken off the Aurora list price.

Xcel Energy is using the Aurora H2O units for many applications including custody transfer, metering stations, compressor stations, and more.

The Aurora’s were fitted with a special Ethernet communication, which will soon be available as a standard configuration for all Aurora units.

Special thanks to Ken Soleyn and the Technology team for responding quickly to technical support questions during the test comparison phase. Special thanks to Paul Calef of GE Sensing in assisting JMC Instruments with managing the Xcel Energy account and setting up meetings to discuss the TDLAS technology with Xcel.

Are you currently using TDLAS technology?

JMC Instruments is offering the Aurora rental program in Colorado and Wyoming.

Part Number: RP-AURORA-M

-Rental of Aurora H2O moisture analyzer. One month term

$2020, 2013 Pricelist

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