GE Sensing Unites with Panametrics

In recent years GE has united with technological innovators Panametrics. This new division of GE, GE Industrial Sensing, has operations around the world and offers a broad range of products and services to help customers solve complex challenges. One of the strongest areas of expertise for this newly formed GE business is ultrasonic flow measurement. This is because Panametrics uses transit-time and correlation tag methodologies. This technology provides accurate, long term flow measurement for a variety of pipe sizes and flow conditions covering liquids, gases, and steam applications.

The GF868 Digital Flow Flare Gas Mass Ultrasonic Flow meter has extremely high range ability from .1 to 394 ft/second. Flow verifications can be done in the field and on live lines. The Digital Flow GF868 uses a patented method for calculating molecular weight by simply installing pressure and temperature sensors. This flow meter has no moving parts to clog or wear out. Its patented ultrasonic transducers are constructed of titanium that will withstand the corrosive environment found in flare gas applications. These transducers can be installed as part of a flow cell or by hot and cold taps. Isolation valves can be used to isolate the transducers from the flare line as well. The GF868 can be used on pipe diameters 2” thru 120” and it has a 4-20ma output with Modbus or totalizer/frequency capabilities.

Leaks and excess steam delivery are two major causes of loss of product and energy. The GF868 will help customers track down or prevent losses from leakage with positive material identification. Reducing losses improves the overall efficiency in refinery and chemical plant operation. Payback for the entire Digital Flow GF868 installation usually occurs within a matter of months. Conserving energy by eliminating unnecessary flaring not only saves money but also helps comply with government regulations for pollution control. The GF868 meets EPA and Greenhouse Gas emissions requirements. On site start up assistance performed by trained GE Sensing service personnel is also available upon request.

The GF868 Digital Flow Flare Gas Mass Ultrasonic Flow meter measures velocity, volumetric and mass flow and delivers accurate flow rate independent of gas composition. The patented Correlation Transit-Time technique, digital signal processing, and an accurate method of calculating molecular weight is a world class innovation. Add to these features the inherent advantages of ultrasonic flow measurement, no routine maintenance, high accuracy, fast response, wide range ability; the Digital Flow GF868 flow meter is the clear choice for flare gas applications.

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