Demo a GE Sensing Product Today!

JMC Instruments is offering an amazing opportunity to demo the GE Sensing Aurora natural gas moisture analyzer and the GE PT-878 hand held ultra-sonic flow meter.  How many of you like to attend a boring power point presentation?  How many of you would rather roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and actually learn about how transit time theory works?  Have you ever had experience working with a natural gas moisture analyzer that operates by tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy?  JMC is excited to offer the ability to demo both of these top of the line, GE Sensing Panametrics instruments.

The PT878 is a hand held, versatile ultra-sonic flow meter designed for potable water, waste water, cooling/heating water, crude oil, water/glycol solutions, refined hydrocarbons, diesel and fuel oils.  Its compact size, lightweight rechargeable battery pack and universal power supply make it the ideal go-anywhere flowmeter.  The PT878 measures velocity, volumetric, and energy flow rates.  It is quick and so easy to use; you can make your first measurement within minutes of turning it on.  No ancillary equipment is needed; there are no moving parts to wear and no clogged orifices.  It can’t be fouled and requires no routine maintenance.  The Transport PT878’s patented Correlation Transit Time digital signal process technique greatly increases its signal-to-noise ratio for accurate, drift free flow measurement in liquids that contain a second phase of entrained solids or gas bubbles.  The PT878 is ideal for spot checking and can record up to 750 hours of data logging for up to 32 different sites.

The GE Sensing Aurora is a natural gas moisture analyzer that uses tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy, to rapidly and accurately measure moisture in a variety of background gases.  It enables natural gas processing and transportation facilities to monitor moisture content in real time with high precision and reliability.  The Aurora was beta tested for 3 months by Xcel Energy against Ametek and Spectra’s comparable moisture analyzers.  The Aurora stood out as the clear cut instrument because of the speed of accuracy.  It is easy to learn how to configure and operate because of its intuitive interface. The Aurora is able to read out in lbs/mmscf, mg/m3, dew point or ppmv and does not require a hot permit with the through-glass programming.   This high tech instrument is suitable for installation in hazardous areas and operates over a wide range of environmental conditions.  Aurora’s fast response immediately alerts when moisture concentration are out of compliance or natural gas dehydration process is upset.  The Aurora comes with a turnkey sampling system and has a response time of 2 seconds.  Aurora’s requires no maintenance for 5 years and has a patented calibration process to meet a variety of natural gas compositions.

If you or your company would like to set up a scheduled time to demo either the GE Sensing PT878 hand held ultra-sonic flowmeter, or the GE Sensing Aurora TDLAS moisture analyzer, please go to our website and click on the “Get a Quote” button to send us your inquiry.

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