Penberthy Formerly Tyco Valves

Tyco Penberthy Valves and Controls was established in 1886 and is known for providing superior products at competitive prices.  The Penberthy brand name has long been recognized as a global leader in design and a leading manufacturer of high quality level instrumentation for process industries.  They are also well known for the ability to understand customer needs and to solve problems.  Through the pursuit of excellence in product quality, customer service, and on-time delivers, Penberthy has established a superior product in the level, educator and sight flow industries.

With the new millennium, Penberthy intensified their commitment to excellence in service, customer support and product quality. Over many years of research & development, field and lab testing, and monitoring product performance, a large amount of knowledge has been acquired; that knowledge has been passed down to their customers in the form of outstanding products.

Featured Products:

  • Eductors / Ejectors / Jet Pumps
  • Liquid Level Gages & Gagecocks
  • Magnetic Liquid Level Gages
  •  Transparent Level Gages
  • Sight Flow Indicators and Sight Glass
  • Boiler Trim / Conductivity Probes and High Pressure Glass Gages