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Instrument Air manufactures compressed air systems, from the smallest to the largest, and are designed for the rigors of oil field, natural gas and all heavy industrial applications. Each is built to customer specifications. Complete air systems include air compressor(s), filtration, air storage, air dryer, and drain accessories. Air Containers™ and AirBoxes™ are fully insulated for both sound and climate control and are a critical part of any VOC emission reduction program.  With Instrument Air you can conveniently, quietly and efficiently meet your emission reduction goals and power up your site with clean, dry, compressed air.

Featured Products:


Instrument Air ContainerInstrument Air Containers-Compact portable air systems designed up to 2.5scfm and 145psi in remote locations where solar power or external DC power can be used. These can be used in your facilites as stand-alone systems or to expand your existing plant.


Air BoxAir Box– Compact portable air systems designed up to 7scfm and 145psi for remote locations. These are ideal for industrial and remote locations and are reliable in extreme temperatures (-20° to 130°F). Compressors are available in 12 VDC, 24 VDC, and 120VAC models. These are a stock item and are available to ship immediately.


Air CabinetAir Cabinet– A turnkey solution fully insulated in a Con Ex shipping crate. They are delivered complete and ready to assemble to your post mount, wall mount, or other surface. Supplies large compressed air volumes up to 500scfm and 250psi.  Ideal for utility air, power air and starting air applications.


Instrument Gas MiserInstrument Gas Miser- Replaces the standard , wasteful gas dryers and depending on your lost gas and EPA emission enforcement, they can pay for itself after only a couple of months. Only purges towers when the onboard dewpoint monitor identifies the need after the output rises above the users set point.



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Available Options